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Construction law generally governs disputes that arise during all phases of the construction process.  These disputes may arise during the bidding phase, contract negotiation, change orders during construction, and disputes that arise regarding breach of the construction contract and defects in construction.  Construction law actually encompasses many different areas of law, federal and state statutes, and local regulations.  The attorneys of HMS stand ready to assist in all aspects and phases of the construction process, including providing services regarding:

  • Construction Litigation

  • Labor Disputes

  • Liquidated Damage Claims

  • Wage and Hour Claims

  • Default and Termination Proceedings

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Maritime Collision and Allision Claims

  • Administrative Hearings

  • Construction Contract Drafting and Review

  • Indemnification Claims

  • Lien Preparation and Resolution

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

  • Change Order Preparation and Review

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