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Signing a Contract


The attorneys of HMS have the legal knowledge and technical skills to effectively present evidence at mediations, arbitrations, and trials. Sometimes referred to as the CSI effect, modern jurors have grown accustomed to watching the fancy digital presentation of evidence on popular television shows, which has led jurors to expect lawyers to offer up similar presentations in real life trials.


HMS takes pride in utilizing the latest hardware and software to create impactful presentations that are intended to impress the audience and present your case in its best light. In addition to utilizing these skills to advance our clients’ cases, the attorneys of HMS are also available to work with other lawyers in assisting with the digitization of evidence to be presented at every stage of a case.


From presenting evidence digitally during depositions (both live and via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom), displaying powerful evidence in hearings, mediations and arbitrations, to making sure your case presentation at trial is smooth and polished, HMS attorneys can enhance the value of your case by offering modern, computer driven presentations that complement the legal arguments of counsel.

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